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  • Congratulations on signing up to take part in the Atlantic Challenge! I rowed the Atlantic in 2015 and it was a truly life changing experience. I now work for the company that built my boat, Spindrift Rowing. We make custom, carbon fiber ocean rowing boats. We are the only boat builder located in the United States and myself, as well as the founder of the company, have both rowed the Atlantic.

    Choosing the right boat for your crossing is hugely important and I know can be stressful. Our boats are designed by America’s Cup designers and are the lightest, safest boats out there. Although we are a young company our boats have all had successful crossings with minimal problems and no capsizes. When I rowed the Atlantic we didn’t have a single piece of equipment break and it allowed us to focus on rowing and not have any extra, unnecessary stress. Since our boats are made with carbon fiber and epoxy (which is hydrophobic) they will never take on water over time or form blisters that need to be repaired. We can customize our boats for almost any expedition; such as outfitting boats with scientific equipment to collect data or customizing for any special physical needs. We also offer training courses for the race, help with shipping, sourcing equipment, and meeting the race requirements.

    If you are interested in learning more about our boats and what we have to offer here at Spindrift please feel free to contact me.



  • Aujourd’hui 25/01, le départ est dans 321 jours => Le 12 décembre à 10 h ?
    L’Atlantique en décembre, cela va être chaud, ou plutôt non : glacial, venteux et remuant ;)

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